5 Common Mistakes Business Owners Make on Their Logo That Harm Their Brand

You may not even realize you’re doing it.

Here are 5 common mistakes business owners make when it comes to logo design that may hurt their brand. It is good to realize these mistakes and avoid them.

1. Choosing Names that Does Not Stick and Hard to Remember

You can have a nice logo that sticks in your client’s mind but if the word or name is hard to remember or pronounce, your brand will suffer. A good brand is one that not only has a nice logo design but also a name that is easy to remember and recall. How to know if a name is easy to recall? Write it down and show it to your friend (I say write it down because humans remember better through visual cues than from listening). Ask him to pronounce the name. Then ask him if he can recall the name correctly the next day. If he can remember just half of the name, you’re not doing too bad. But if he can’t recall anything at all, it’s time to change to a new name. Sometimes, you don’t need a serious name. Depending on the type of business you’re running, crazy weird name that rhymes well can be recalled more easily than a name that is plain and serious. Avoid names that are too common, lest your brand becomes “common” and “diluted”.

2. Overly Focused on Small Details of the Design

A classic case of paralysis by analysis. Being detail-minded is a good thing but being overly focused on tiny details of the design may prevent you from moving forward. Don’t get caught up with individual trees until you failed to see the forest for what it is. Because most of the time when people see your logo, they look at it as a whole, not as individual parts. So business owners sometimes end up spending too much time changing and revising on individual parts that have little or no impact on the logo. On the downside, excessive touch up on the logo may actually spoils the design. If the logo look nice and attractive as a whole and reflects the brand you’re carrying, that is what really matters.

3. Not Getting Enough Feedback from Others, or Getting Too Much Feedback

Many owners make the mistake of deciding the logo design solely by themselves, without asking around for opinion. Getting feedback is important because it helps you get extra opinion that you would otherwise miss. On the opposite end, you do not want too much feedback until you cant even decide for yourself. There is no magic number of people to use but anywhere between 5 to 10 people is usually enough to give you an idea what people like.

4. They Fell in Love with an Attractive Logo Even Though it Doesn’t Fit Their Business

You’d be wondering if this is true. Unfortunately, it is. Some business owners want a nice looking logo. They fall in love with a particular concept or design but forgot to consider if it is suitable for the type of business they’re running.

5. Ignoring Professional Advise and Recommendations from Designers 

Logo designers are professionals in their own rights as they are not only proficient in the use of design softwares but also in the science of branding. In other words, designing the right logo for your business requires multiple competencies ranging from artistic skills to brand techniques, knowledge of human psychology and behaviour as well as marketing. That is why Logobox Malaysia is dedicated to only providing logo design services. Everyone can design a logo. But only skilled logo designers can design a logo that is suitable for businesses.