5 Reasons You Should Choose Ready-Made Logos

It’s less riskier than you’d think

Ready made logos refer to premade logos that you get to see before you purchase them. Most people think ready made logos are generic looking (simply because most of them are) but that is not always the case. Ready made logos can be unique and nice if you know where to find them. Here are 5 reasons why you should choose a ready made logo for your business or organisation.

1. COST EFFECTIVE – Ready-made logos allow very minimal revision so they are usually priced lower than custom logo design.

2. SAVES TIME – Ready-made logos can be purchased on the spot with minor revisions made in less than 24 hours. If you’re in a hurry to launch your brand, ready-made logos may be a good option.

3. WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET – Ready-made logos allow you to see them as they are and allows you to decide if they’re suitable for your business or brand. So, no unwanted surprises.

4. MANY CHOICES & SELECTIONS – Ready made logos are made in volume so you get to have a large selection to choose from. Logobox Malaysia carries over 300 ready-made logos of different concepts and styles. There is surely one that you love.

5. LESS RISK THAN WHAT YOU THINK – Because ready made logos are displayed to the public, customers feel there is a risk that someone else may have copied them. But this risk is somewhat over-rated. If you are concerned, you can always run a trademark search of the logo and see if they clash with any existing logo. Better still, ask the designer if they can exchange or modify the logo in the event the trademark search result shows similar trademark that have already been registered.

Certain websites sell ready-made logos in the form of templates. This means they can sell the same logo again and again by doing some minor revisions, for instance changing the colour. Logobox Malaysia does not practice such model. All ready-made logos are made once and sold once only. We took a step further by providing a 30-day trademark search guarantee. This allows our clients to run a trademark search against their logo within a 30-day period after purchase from us to check for clashes with existing logo in the registry. Should the result turns out any clashes, we will exchange or redo the logo for you at no extra charge.