Can a Nice Logo Help Your Business

You bet it does.

A nice logo doesn’t necessarily bring in more sales. But a nice logo can help in more ways than one. A nice logo gives the impression that you don’t scrimp and scrooge on branding. While it is true that your brand is more than just its logo, branding itself is a matter of perception. And since your logo is the first thing your customers see (especially when they are dealing with you or buying your product for the first time), how they perceive your logo really does matter. It is the presentation and the impression that you bring to the table. Showing your clients your sloppy logo is akin to meeting your clients in sloppy attire.

A nice logo help people remember about your business. It is an easy way for them to identify and familiarize with your business. For instance, what’s the name of the brand that is green, round, has the face of a mermaid wearing a crown and sells coffee? There are hundreds of brands that sells coffee, but the one that is synonymous with the face of a mermaid in a green round shape logo is undoubtedly and uniquely associated with Starbucks.

Many business owners feel that the value of a brand is difficult to measure because it belongs to the category of intangible assets. It is hard to estimate the value of a brand in dollar sign and because of that, it is generally considered of being somewhat less important than say, the value of a printing press or a landed property since the price of these assets is quantifiable and pretty straightforward.

But consider this. If all of Coca-cola’s factories and machines and other tangible assets were to burn down today, the banks will not hesitate to lend them money to restart their operations all over again. Why? Simply because of the power and recognition of the Coca-cola brand – the cursive font style of Coca-cola logo will help save the day when all other hard assets go to dust.

Never look down on the power of a logo. A logo that takes a couple of hundred dollars to make may one day be worth millions of dollars. You just never know.