When you purchase a ready-made logo from us, you are allowed to make some minor changes to the logo, for example, change of name and colour, or add a slogan. To purchase the logo of your choice, please send us an email ( with the code of the logo. the logo name you want to change, slogan to add, or colour changes you would like to request.

*All ready-made logos are sold only once. Once sold, it will be removed from the gallery and no longer be available for sale.  

Code: GA-190902A

RM89 (RM45 – 50% OFF)

Code: GA-190902B

RM89 (RM45 – 50% OFF)

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Code: GA-190902D

RM99 (RM49 – 50% OFF)

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RM89 (RM45 – 50% OFF)

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RM89 (RM45 – 50% OFF)