How to Find the Right Logo Designer

Portfolio, testimonials and customer recommendations count.

What is the most important consideration when you hire a logo designer? Is it the price? Is it the skill? The answer really depends on your requirements. If you’re looking for a logo just for the sake of having one, then the skill of the designer is matters less than the price. In fact, you can get a decently nice logo design from ready-made logos for a decent price.

But if you want a unique and attractive logo that matches your business identity and emotion, you should be willing to spend a little more to engage experienced logo designers. But how do you know if they are good enough to design your brand?

Designing a right logo for your business is a little bit of a guessing game, at least initially. There are various concepts and themes available so it is always good to provide sufficient information to the designer about the nature of your business, the emotion and concepts that you desire. This will help reduce much of the guesswork and assist the designers in getting the logo that matches your requirement as closely as possible.

But what if you have zero idea on your logo? Then it is advisable to start doing some research and homework yourself by browsing through samples in the internet. Find two or three samples that you think fits well with your business. That would give your designer a good idea about the type of concept that you want. Because getting the right concept is the most important and yet the most difficult step in designing your logo.

How do you gauge the skill of a logo designer? Simply check out samples and portfolio from their websites. That should give you a rough idea on the level of skill they have. Look for customer feedback or recommendation. 

With these in mind, you should be able to get the logo that fits your business.