Why It Is Important to Get the Right Logo Before You Start Your Business

The cost to do so later may be more expensive and wasteful.

Many entrepreneurs and business owners skip their logo design at the early stages of their business probably because they feel that sales and profitability are more important. Their business logo can wait. Perhaps they’ll consider improving their logo later on when the business gets bigger. As such, they may opt for simple and perhaps, even bland looking logo initially just for the sake of getting one to represent their business. Here’s why it is a mistake to do so.

Choosing a bland looking logo initially means the logo follows you wherever you go. Your bland logo gets printed onto your invoices, receipts, your signboard, your letterhead, your name cards and perhaps even your company T-shirts. You are basically telling everyone – your clients, your friends, your competitors – that you can’t afford a nice looking logo. That’s poor impression you’re expressing to others. And you don’t want that.

Even if your business do get better one day and you think it’s time to do some brand improvement, changing to a new and nicer looking logo means you need to throw out all the stationery that still carry your old logo – your letterhead, your signage, your invoices, your receipts – you get the point. That is why changing your brand later on can be more costly and wasteful than getting a really good logo at the start of your business. Besides, it doesn’t cost much to get a nice logo nowadays.